She grew up in very religious family. The religious atmosphere of the house was certainly a help to Karolina as she developed in the love of God. From her girlhood on, she loved to pray. Often during the day she quietly whispered the words, ‘Hail Mary!’ as she herself said, because they made her ‘feel a great joy in the heart’. Her life was simply and pure. As a young girl she took big part in daily life at near parish. Often took part in pilgrimage to Odporyszow, Bielcza, Zaborow and Tuchow. She dream about pilgrimage to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska so she safe some money. She was one of the eleventh children in Kozka family.

When War World I was begun she was only 16 years old. Her dead came suddenly and painfully.
When Russian army arrived in the neighborhood, she was kidnapped to the forrest by russian soldier who tried to rape Karolina. Cut few times with sword she tried to escape through the swamp and died exhausted. Her body was found two weeks later.

Her dead became adore by people immediately. On June 30, 1986 in the presence of Pope John Paul II, the ‘decree of the martyrdom of the Servant of God, Karolina Kózka’ was proclaimed. Her beatification took place on June 10, 1987, during the third pastoral visit of His Holiness to his native country. Since then the cult of the Blessed Karolina is spreading all over the world. Every 18th day of month for the commemoration of the date of her death the pilgrims follow the Way of Cross built at the place of her martyrdom as the mirror of life of the Blessed.