Andrzej Koziol is a self-taught freelance documentary photographer. He was born and raised in Poland. After his study, he left Poland and had lived in Chicago , the US, where he spent 5 years. During this time he cooperated with Polish media as a photojournalist covering events and daily life. He was a member of National Press Photographers Assosacion.
He took several workshops:
– Magnum Photos Workshop with Stuart Franklin in Toronto at Contact photo festival, 2010
– woroshop with well-known Polish photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski,2011
– scholarship from VII Photos agency for workshop “Ukrainian Stories” led by John Stanmayer and Anush Babajanyan, 2019
– scholarship from VII Academy for “Sarajevo Seminar for Documentary and Narrative Practice”, 2021

Andrzej Koziol has received scholarships from the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2019 for his project Promised Land.

Mostly interested in street photography and long-term projects. He concentrates on stories that cannot be find on the first pages of the magazines or have never been told before.

Besides photography, he is addicted to coffee, cycling and salsa rhythms.

phone: +48 530 589 002