Realized at  “Sarajevo  Seminar  for  Documentary  and  Narrative  Practice  2021”  workshop at VII Academy

with  HOPE  theme



My  hope  is  in  You

Grzegorz Kuc lives in the tiny house at the edge of the forest in Melsztyn, Poland. His hut is located in a distance from other houses in the village and also looks much different because owner lives in a different way.

“I joined franciscan monastery to live as a monk but after 7 years I was expelled because of my disobedience. I didn’t give up, wish to fullfill my calling and sacraficed my life to God. I became a hermit”- says Kuc.

At the very beginning of his new life his mother tried convinced him to change his decision. She failed and never tried again. Kuc believe in simple and slow life. “In my opinion my life is easier then in outside world. I have no family, no obligation. I take care only for myself.” He works, prays and read Bible. These are his daily routines. Sometimes he goes for fishing at the nearest Dunajec River. He gets food from his garden and grocery store. Mother used to send him some money but she died recently. From time to time people led by couriosity stop by and talk with him. Then he likes talk about God. Asked about hope says- “Believe means hope. Hope cannot fails.”


“But now, Lord, what do I look for?
My hope is in You”
Ps 39