For Hassidic Jews Lezajsk and the grave of Tzaddik Elimelech is one of the most sacred places in the world. Elimelech Weissblum was one of the first tzaddik in the history of Judaism, one of the most prominent representatives of Hasidism. In 1787 he wrote the work Noam Elimelech ( “The Gentleness of Elimelech”), one of the basic works of Hasidism. He became famous as a healer of souls and bodies and as the most active proponent of Hasidism, a rebellious religious and mystical trend in Judaism. This movement originated in the 1830s in Ukraine and areas of southeastern Poland. It preached that one can serve God not only by obeying the law and praying, but also through everyday duties.

Jews from Israel, Europe, the USA and Canada come to Lezajsk to pray at the Tzadik’s tomb, the so-called ohel. They believe that on the anniversary of his death (11th Adar), Tzadik Elimelech descends from heaven and takes to God their requests for health, fortune for their children and success at work. They write them down on slips of paper called kwitelech and place them at the grave. Prayers are accompanied by traditional dancing and singing of psalms.