Like every year in 21st of Adar (mostly March) Hasidim from all over the World go to pilgrimage to Lizhensk (Lezajsk) in Poland. This town with ohel of Elimelech Weisblum is very important place for Hasidic movement. Rabbi Elimelech was known as a Tzadik who devoted his life to studying and teaching the Torah, as well as encouraging people to draw closer in return to God. He wrote “Noam Elimelech”- one of the principal book in Hasidism. Pilgrims believe that during anniversary of Rabbi’s death his soul arrives to his ohel and help people with their prayer. They ask for health and prosperity.

Jews settled in Lizhensk in 16th century. Lived with Polish community, played big role in cultural and economical life of the town. In 1939 there lived 1800 Jews (36% of population). During War World II, many of them were deported to areas occupied by Soviet Union, rest of them lived in ghetto before were taken to concentration camps.